About Us

We are a group of young professionals with a common interest in mobile living and the associated freedom, simplicity and flexibility allowed by this lifestyle. We have seen that living in a converted van removes many constraints in life – both physically and financially. Based in Oxfordshire, we have taken our experiences with living in vans combined with our observations of existing conversion products and started to produce professionally finished units for van conversions, which we think are not only beautifully functional but affordable.

All of our units and services are fully customisable to suit your specific van type and living requirements.

Our team is part of a generation growing up in a world of ever-rising house prices. But instead of resigning ourselves to renting for the inevitable future, we are constantly looking for affordable alternatives. This had lead us towards the world of van life, with two of our team already living full time, in converted sprinter vans.

Through the process of converting our vans, we realised that there is a huge lack of professional, yet affordable, conversion options. The affordable self-convertion kits were in predetermined layouts and designs, which didn’t give the flexibility or professional finish we were looking for. The more up market conversions which were, while beautifully stylish, frankly, far outside of our budget. Because of this, we ended up converting our vans ourself, using a modular format, creating each section of the living space separately. This gave us a huge amount of flexibility in layout, sizing and design, and allowed us to source affordable materials.

Utilising the knowledge we gained during the conversion process we want help others in the same position. Using the modular format of conversion, we can offer not only full conversions but also single modules, which are completely customizable to your unique lifestyle and specific van type. Further to this, we offer our consultancy service to those seeking to convert solo but are looking for advice on specific areas of the process.

We have also developed a unique space-saving Murphy bed design, to fit one of our team’s specific van life requirements, which allows for full use of the load space in their van. The bed design uses a innovative mechanism to maximize space and ease of use. As with all our services, it is fully customisable.